Open Call – Visual Art Preview – Painters


Opse Project is looking for visual artists that are using painting as a medium to participate in a new project named Visual Art Preview.

For the next upcoming event we have 1 spot free. It will happen on Sunday 25th of August 2019 at 20:00.

In this event the sellected artists will make a presentation about the works they are working on using a video projector.

Each artist will be given around 15 mins in front of a small crowd. With the help of a video projector they will have to make a presentation. The artist if possible could bring a few finished works at the event.

The presentation will involve questions and answers with the audience and the organizer. Moreover, it will be recorded and published online.

The goal is to give the opportunity for emerging artists to show what are they working on. Usually a series of works takes months or even years to finish. During that period the artist may seem innactive. Therefore it is a good opportunity for them to give us a behind the scenes view.

People who would be interested in attending to such an event are gallerists, curators, collectors and artlovers!

Visual Art Previews is a project organised by Opse Project and the visual artist Miltos Despoudis.

Deadline for the applications:

Next Event is Planned for:
25.August.2019 at 20:00-22:00

-You identify as a Visual Artist and you work in Berlin
-You are currently working on a series of works
-Using Painting with the chosen series of works to be shown
-You are able to be at the event, and make the presentation

Please apply with:
-Artist resume
-Photo/Video Samples – with the works you are working on
-Short description about the works you are working on . [Max 1 page of text]

To this email address: