New Episode of Opse Talk – Artist Byautumnlily

We have just published our second episode of our podcast Opse Talk. Our guest is the visual artist Byautumnlily. We did this recording on 30th of August 2023 at Cispace coworking space in Berlin.

We highly recommend on watching the podcast on youtube here:

Alternatively you can listen it directly via our website here:

It is availiable also on Spotify and Apple Music.

View & Preview | Group Show and Presentation next week

We are very excited to announce our first group show happening next week during the same time that Berlin Art Week cultural event is happening.

The selected artist are:

HYSTERA [dr alicja pawluczuk]
Ella Taub
Emanuele Crotti
Karina Ivanova
Luka Bunic
Miltos Despoudis
Sofia Dimitrova
Thomas Thores Hyman
Vivian Eckstein

The opening is on Friday 15th of September at 19:00. The exhibition will be open earlier though.

The exhibition is curated by the visual artist Miltos Despoudis and the curator Veronika Hykova.

More info about the event and the duration is here.

Preview presentation

The next day, on Saturday 16th at the same space we are hosting also the visual art presentation, Preview 5.

More info about the event and the duration is here.

Open Call for Upcoming Visual Art Presentation Preview 5 and View group show

Our new art presentation is about to happen on September 16th 2023. We have a new open call for visual artists who want to participate.

The event will take space at a very big venue and it will be during the same time the Berlin Art Week is happening.

More info about the open call as well as how to apply here:

View | Group Show | Open Call

At the same time we are doing our first group show called View. It will take place at 15th of September, one day before.
More info about the open call here:

Moments from Visual Art Preview n.4

A few photos from the art presentation Visual Art Preview n.4 that happened yesterday in Berlin are below:

Artist Bernd Reichert – Instagram @berndreichertart
Artist Kateryna Bortsova – Instagram @katerynabortsova
Artist Nika Ham – Instagram @klausvonhahm
Artist Mija Jung – Instagram @mijajung

Visual Art Preview n.4- Next Week

We are inviting you to our next art presentation “Visual Art Preview”. If you are in Berlin next week you will have the chance to see the upcoming works of the following artists: Kateryna Bortsova, Nika Ham, Mija Jung and Bernd Reichert .

The event is free, but it helps if you reserve a spot via Eventbrite:

Inside the eventbrite link you will see more information about the artists and their social media accounts they have. It is good to follow them instagram!

Open Call for our next Visual Art Preview

We are now accepting applications for our upcoming art presentation “Visual Art Preview n.4”. This is the fourth such presentation organized by the visual artist Miltos Despoudis and curator Veronika Hykova.

Deadline for the applicants is 7.July.2022.

The event will take place at 22.July.2022 at 19:30-21:30 in Berlin.

If you want to learn more about the open call follow this link:

You can check the previous Visual art previews at our dedicated subpage here: