Visual Art Preview – Number 1 – Painting

A presentation from four visual artists of their upcoming work series. This is rare chance for anyone to have a preview of what is about to be exhibited in a gallery.

Main focus for this event is painting.

Visual Art Preview is recurring event in which a selected group of visual artists present a series of works the are currently working on. A series that they plan to exhibit in the future when completed.

Lita Poliakova
“Gestortions (disgestion+distortions) from custom-made natural inks”
Lita (Life Is Torturing awesome) Poliakova is a visual artist based in Germany. She creates environmentally friendly contemporary art from her own natural inks, explores the topics of identity, pain and suffering in her painting practice and social constructs by means of collage. Her academic research intersected with art therapy which she is currently exploring in her practice.

Ala Leresteux
“Verbal Communication”
I am not sure how to define my art. For me it is each time a quest and research. Many different problems are grabbing my attention: philosophical, physical, biological, linguistical… and my art is my way to make different concepts clearer for me and to attract to them the attention of my spectators.

Maria Naidyonova
I was making sketches of the things that I saw and then they grew into the little stories”
Format: paintings, drawinds,video

Sarah Kretchmer
“the Magic series”
Born and raised in Chicago, U.S.A., Kretchmer studied art at the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She moved to Germany in 2010 and currently lives in Berlin. Kretchmer’s oil paintings are born out of a love of history, nature, magic and colour. In the artist’s most recent work, themes of magic are explored, with each piece inspired by a different ancient grimoire.

Where is it happening?
At “The.Word.Berlin” at 19:30
Willmanndamm 4, 10827 Berlin, Germany
The word is a Literature Cafe and Lending Library, Craft Beer Bar, Event and Co-working space, featuring books on Black, P.O.C. and LGBTQ experience.

Organiser of the event is the artist Miltos Despoudis.