Visual Art Preview – Number 2

03.02.2020 – last updated

A presentation from visual artists of their upcoming work series. This is rare chance for anyone to have a preview of what is about to be exhibited in a gallery.

Visual Art Preview is a recurring event in which a selected group of visual artists present a series of works that they are currently working on. A series that they plan to exhibit in the future when completed.


Cezar Bezmienow
_Sonography (Ontology Of An Image)
Cezar Bezmienow is a Post-Photographer currently residing in Poland. he Finished studies in the field of art at the universities in Poland and in London.
His recent works revolve around the meaning of digital images, by which we are surrounded today. The source code of digital photograph is a starting point of his journey towards the soul of modern art.

Federico Dedionigi
My creative process is rhizomatic, associative with hints of criptomnesia. I am inspired by my travels, by mother nature and societies’ idiosyncrasies. Sketches and photographies are my physical starting point for paintings and my musical experimentation and tai chi practice dyes the rest of my artistic exploration, like performances and installations.

Lena Ash
My artistic practice studies the life and the death issues, explores the transitions of one state to another and back, throughly documents and fixes any indicators of external and internal changes. My approach is based on the research of processes between different human and nature states. Production methods and materials matter a lot and create new sense. At the same time my practise consists of different experiments with mediums, I like to mixture painting with installation, sculpture with photos, etc. but prefer to create works manually to be sincere and natural in the art.

Yana Smetanina
Visual artist based in Germany. I work with social issues and the full spectrum of our personal experiences and how they connect to the individual themes of my projects.
“My work deals with topics such as memory, violence, trauma, our relationship to our bodies, and the “personal” as “political”. I’m primarily concerned with how the private and public can influence, transform, construct, represent and deconstruct reality.”


Saturday 30th of November 2019
At “The.Word.Berlin” at 19:30
Willmanndamm 4, 10827 Berlin, Germany

Organiser of the event is the artist Miltos Despoudis.

Sample from Cezar Bezmienow
Sample from Federico Dedionigi
Sample from Yana Smetanina