Visual Art Preview – Number 5

23.5.2024 – last updated

We celebrated the fifth installment of our captivating Preview 5 [aka Visual Art Preview] series on September 16th, 2023. During this exclusive event, a carefully curated group of talented visual artists showcased their upcoming work. Attendees had the rare opportunity to get a sneak peek at what would soon grace the walls of art galleries.

The Preview 5 featured a diverse range of artistic expressions—paintings, sculptures, and mixed media. Each artist poured their creativity into a series that was still in progress. These works provided a tantalizing glimpse into the future, a preview of what awaited when they were fully realized and exhibited.

Thank you for being part of this artistic journey. We hope you enjoyed the experience and look forward to more inspiring events in the future!


HYSTERA [dr alicja pawluczuk]
Luka Bunic
Thomas Thores Hyman
Vivian Eckstein


Saturday 16th of September 2023
At DSTRCT.Berlin Otto-Ostrowski-Straße 5 · Berlin, DE at 19:30

Visual Art Preview is a project organised by Opse Project, Miltos Despoudis and Veronika Hykova.