“Preview 6” Art Presentation

We are delighted to announce the upcoming art presentation, “Preview 6,” scheduled for this Thursday. This carefully curated event will showcase the exceptional work of three talented artists: Gilda Convertino, R. Drada and Sonia Gil.

The event is listed on meetup, if you are planning on joing please reserve a spot here: https://www.meetup.com/opse-project/events/301215316

Gilda Convertino
Instagram @gilda.convertino
Gilda Convertino is an Italian-born licensed architect and visual artist. Her artist practice encompasses landscape architecture, urbanism and garden design with a focus in exploring the relationship between anthropic space and the natural environment. Her work in landscape representation using black ink patterns and gold leaf decorations is connected to the idea of observing, researching and translating thematic elements of the landscape and cityscape into a specific, visually sensitive image. She explores space through its individual elements and their materiality, expressed with various patterns. Each artwork represents a landscape story able to narrate the identity of a place and broaden the observer’s understanding.

R. Drada
Instagram @rdrada7
R.Drada (1986), is an American visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. The works of R.Drada are preoccupied with interrogation of freedom, power and idealism alongside a critique of American culture and articulated through the lens of an outsider. Through the visceral language of impasto oil paint and strong colors, R. Drada lays bare the raw emotions that course through the human condition. R.Drada’s canvases serve as conduits for the expression of anger and despair, capturing the tumultuous cadence of existence alongside idealism.

Sonia Gil
Instagram @soniagil.studio
Sonia Gil is a Rio de Janeiro artist based in Berlin, with a background in Architecture. She combines process and experimentation, crafting digital collages that blend her palette’s images into transformative spaces that trigger the viewers perception. Drawn to Berlin’s diversity, she seeks fresh projects and inspiration, forging new ways to fuse traditional art with digital assets.