Coffee with Byautumnlily | E2 | opse talk podcast

Opse Talk
Opse Talk
Coffee with Byautumnlily | E2 | opse talk podcast

A conversation between the visual artists Byautumnlily and Miltos Despoudis. We are discussing about preparing our next group exhibition, the will that makes us create, new technologies and tradition painting and much more.

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About the Opse Talk podcast

This is a video podcast about how visual artists are thinking and what worries them on an everyday basis. These are one on one conversations between the visual artist Miltos Despoudis and a guest artist. Not an interview, just a discussion in front of a finished artwork.

Miltos Despoudis – host

A Greek contemporary painter based in Berlin.
Instagram @miltosThings
Twitter @miltosThings

Byautumnlily – guest

A visual artist from South Carolina, USA.
Instagram @byautumnlily

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4. During the recording of the podcast in Berlin

Open Call for Upcoming Visual Art Presentation Preview 5 and View group show

Our new art presentation is about to happen on September 16th 2023. We have a new open call for visual artists who want to participate.

The event will take space at a very big venue and it will be during the same time the Berlin Art Week is happening.

More info about the open call as well as how to apply here:

View | Group Show | Open Call

At the same time we are doing our first group show called View. It will take place at 15th of September, one day before.
More info about the open call here: