New Episode of Opse Talk – Artist Byautumnlily

We have just published our second episode of our podcast Opse Talk. Our guest is the visual artist Byautumnlily. We did this recording on 30th of August 2023 at Cispace coworking space in Berlin.

We highly recommend on watching the podcast on youtube here:

Alternatively you can listen it directly via our website here:

It is availiable also on Spotify and Apple Music.

View & Preview | Group Show and Presentation next week

We are very excited to announce our first group show happening next week during the same time that Berlin Art Week cultural event is happening.

The selected artist are:

HYSTERA [dr alicja pawluczuk]
Ella Taub
Emanuele Crotti
Karina Ivanova
Luka Bunic
Miltos Despoudis
Sofia Dimitrova
Thomas Thores Hyman
Vivian Eckstein

The opening is on Friday 15th of September at 19:00. The exhibition will be open earlier though.

The exhibition is curated by the visual artist Miltos Despoudis and the curator Veronika Hykova.

More info about the event and the duration is here.

Preview presentation

The next day, on Saturday 16th at the same space we are hosting also the visual art presentation, Preview 5.

More info about the event and the duration is here.

Video of Sarah Kretchmer’s

The presentation of the artist Sarah Kretchmer during our first Visual Art Preview presentation.

A presentation that took part on August 25th 2019 at The Word in Berlin from four visual artists of their upcoming work series.